RaceDemon (Maralith)
TitleMistress of Curses
Alignmentchaotic evil

Skinaere lived in the last century of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). She learned dark magic from the primordials, yet helped the Covenant enough and with good intent that she was somewhat trusted. Her death came about when she made the decision to pick a side. Her actions led to the sacking of a Covenant outpost and then a major breakthrough. This supposed breakthrough turned into a route with primordial aberrations trampling each other and those much smaller and frail than them. Skinaere died in the chaotic stampede, buried under a mound of aberrations. Her soul energy went to the Abyss where she was reincarnated as a demon. Like the rest of the new arrivals, she went through the first trial, day by day losing memories of their mortal past.

By the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), she was serving under Demogorgon. She was renown for her skill in large-scale projects, building fortresses, constructing prisons. She was also a practiced torturer. Perhaps worst-of-all was her skill with casting curses.

In Sector Zyrath, there was a meeting between Demogorgon and Yeenoghu. At the time both had a sphere of control that were close to touching. Demogorgon was pushing out of Hells Womb, driving north through lands close to Yeenoghu's territory. These two were not friends. They like all demon lords can only be temporary allies, for it in their nature to turn on an ally when a good opportunity presents itself. If Demogorgon's offensive was to work, he required a secure western flank. A deal was made, one each knew the other would probably break. Demogorgon loaned his best prison designer to Yeenoghu for five years. This master engineer, the Mistress of Curses, was me. I was behind the idea of putting a curse on Manduggiss; what the mortals, or maybe it was the Covenant, named the Manduggiss Prison Curse. I convinced Yeenoghu, nearly losing my head to the egomaniac, that it would be far too expensive to ring Manduggiss with outposts and that if that is done, he would have to worry about staff that would not pass up a bribe.

- Mistress of Curses, from a personal journal - "Manduggiss Void"

Notable Works