RegionIce Cap

The Molfath mountains are littered with the ruins of the lost empire C√Ľngin-Zar. The stone titans of this empire reigned over this region for nearly a thousand years, falling in the Horgon Era to armies of the Khalas Pact.

Molfath falls within the geographic area of Flux. The highlands surrounding this valley are haven to aberrations and chaotic creatures created when the Sink of Chaos was opened. The mountains are twisted and misshapen, product of the the entropic winds that flooded the area in 1296.

Ten miles away, he sees the twisted and misshapen Molfath mountains. A few of these peaks are also on their sides, yet haven't collapsed from their own mass, as if gravity, for them, is still on the bottom of the overturned mountains. He then looks back to floating mountaintop before him as the gondola jerks to a stop. He's familiar with sky islands; they're all over the Bal-Kriav, scattered and often remote. The sale of small sky islands is one of his empire's most profitable exports. For those that can afford one, they're turned into floating fortresses or private retreats for the wealthy. But none in Azrik are this big.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Today, there are very few bands of stone giants in Molfath. Most were driven out ages ago by the dwarves or left as a result of the growing presence of chaos in Flux. There are many ogres tribes in the western reaches of these mountains. Some of these are twisted monstrosities warped from long exposure to entropic energy. In the last years of the Nalbirag Gold War, hundreds of these chaos-tainted ogres served in the Neeth-Theen army.

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