Overcoats of the Seven Legates

ForgeHouse Ilphice'inil
SmithChalidil Lirddril
EnchanterŠukhan Legates

The Overcoats of the Seven Legates are +5 Haelssysn Weave trench coats. These onyx colored coats are the same except that each has a different color pattern that weaves its way across the cloak. From a distance the pattern looks chaotic, but on closer inspection it shows an intricate design that is a maze.

Each maze is different, solving one's maze will unlock the Overcoats powers. It may take a long time for some.

- Chalidil Lirddril, drow of House Ilphice'inil - "Gift of Overcoats"

The colors of the seven coats are red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, green, and grey. Each was made by the Haelssysn house Phaerssysn. They were made as a gift to the leaders of the Šukhan Legion in return for the Legion's helping Phaerssysn take down a rival drow city-state. When they received these finely crafted overcoats, the Šukhan legates enchanted them with properties of loyalty and unity. These enchantments work by making the overcoats tougher under blows and spells when they are worn by those in a group.

The overcoats are made with spider silk weaved into cloth - a process called Haelssysn Weave. They all have the same powers, but work better on the defense for each person that wears one in a group. The Overcoats of the Seven Legates were lost with the sacking of Imrik.

Haelssysn Weave+8 armor bonus (+3 armor, +5 enchantment), DR 35 fire resistance continuous
Arcanas BlessingSR12 +1 per Overcoat wearer within 100'continuous
Legates Wisdom+1 divine wisdom bonus for every two Overcoat wearers within 100' of each othercontinuous
Lolths Venompoison touch (Fortitude DC20; +2 DC per Overcoat wearer within 100') Initial: 20hp, Secondary: 40hp2/day