RegionLands of Purity

Ginzarak is a rugged mountainous area bordering Galathien. These highlands consist of one active volcano, two dead ones, several canyons clogged with smoke and noxious gases, and numerous bubbling hot pools. Ginzarak is haven to large groups of magmin, bands of fire trolls, and undead remnants left over from the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504).

Claimed by the dwarves of Maharâg, Ginzarak's hazards and rugged terrain make this a hard claim to enforce.

Many of the evil creatures that dwell in this area are leftovers from the Black Tide War. In this war, Katrana controlled nearly all of the Sylvan Kingdoms. She kept the population in check by summoning demons from the Abyss and using thousands of mercenaries out of Surticon.

The two dead volcanic cones of the area were created when Katrana invoked the greatest power of the Elder Orb of Embers, that of making volcanoes. During the Black Tide War, Armorn and her sister, were highly active volcanoes that devastated large tracts of Elberial and Pixit.

Notable Areas