Robe of Belêth-Kazîr

ForgeGimir-Zarun Arcaneum
EnchanterGimir-Zarun, others
LocationBelêth-Kazîr, others

The Robe of Belêth-Kazîr is made of a fabric that shimmers with a kaleidoscope of colors. It is disorienting to focus intently on the robe.

Each of the top eleven researchers at Belêth-Kazîr wear one of these powerful robes.

Nelaryotar Releasecast Prismatic Spray1/day
Web Wardingprovides +8 SRcontinuous
Life Wardprotection against negative energy attacks10/day
Pyramid Blessingcast ghoul touch3/day
Web Spigotsimilar to the Web Weaver ability of the same name, but without a Web Reaver Threat, this allows the wearer to memorize double the normal 3rd and 4th level spells1/day