Bell Tower of Arcana

Bell Tower of Arcana
BuiltYear 387 LE

At the rise of Merioss and Khâls Forge, the Bell Tower of Arcana can be heard at a distance of ten miles from the Fog Shoals. The ruins of Felth surround this magical bell tower. The eerie place is rumored to be guarded by fog giants, sea serpents, and ki-rin.

The bell tower was built by the Lith-Crillion. Many have sought to search and plunder the ruins of this place, with most being driven off or lost to the fog and the guardians that lie within it.

The Bell Tower is a massive structure, impervious to mortal magic, the elements, and most other forms of attack. The largest part of the structure lies beneath the waves, at a depth of 400' it has a base 350' square, tapering to a 15' square, 100' above the surface. Thus, the height of the structure from the ocean floor is 500'.