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Typecriticals and fumbles

This is the critical and fumble table used in my campaign. It has changed some over the years, but not by much. These are deadly tables, but they add an element to the game that makes for some interesting encounters. With these tables, even the strongest of players or monsters can be body bagged with one roll, so be merciful when mercy is needed.

In the Bal-Kriav campaigns, a critical is an unmodified natural "20". It is an automatic hit, even if you cannot normally hit the opponent's armor class. For saves, an unmodified "20" means you take no damage. A fumble is a natural "1". You take maximum possible damage from the attack and all your items are required to make item saving throws.

Some rolls allow a HP check to avoid the result. This means if you roll under your current hit points (d100) to avoid the effect.

All creatures are susceptible to a natural "20" - undead, jellies, even those with magical armors of fortification.

Critical Table

Die RollNatural 20 Effect
1-5as the game rules, x2, x3, et. al.
6-7blinded for encounter – 50% miss, lose dexterity bonus to AC, move at half speed, opponents get +2 to attack (as blinded)
8-9sharpness hit (HP check):
01 - 15head, death to victim (constructs, slimes unaffected)
16 - 40body – quadruple normal damage
41 - 55rt arm – lose 10% of HP
56 - 70rt Leg – lose 10% of HP, 1/6 movement
71 - 85lt arm – lose 10% of HP
86 - 97lt leg – lose 10% of HP, 1/6 movement
98 - 100neck to groin – quintuple normal damage
10triple normal damage, push enemy 1 square
11vorpal hit (HP check) – death to most creatures
12sweep – hit two adjacent enemies and knock them prone
13"Tyson'd" - knocked out enemy (HP check)
1 - 21-4 melee rounds (Heal DC 18 to revive)
3 - 4encounter (Heal DC 20)
5coma – 1-4 weeks (Heal DC25)
6"vegetable" - 1-4 months (Heal DC28)
14quadruple normal damage, push enemy 2 squares
15"Lukoon Watches You" - all remaining allies roll on crit table if they hit in this round
16"Lukoon Curses You" - roll on fumble table instead
17double normal damage, shift 2, re-roll personal initiative for you and one opponent
18roll d8 and multiple times weapon damage, destroy random piece of enemy gear
19weak hit - ½ weapon damage
20"Thor Shutters" - roll twice again on this table

Fumble Table
Die RollNatural 20 Effect
1shattered the item you were attacking with, no save (artifacts unaffected)
2miss and lose minor actions for round
3"Traitor!" - roll to hit random ally within 5' with a -3 to-hit
4struck object – DC equals your strength + 3, roll d20 + add dexterity modifier to avoid damage to your weapon
5struck own body – normal damage
6fallen prone
7roll twice again on this table
8hurled weapon 2-12 feet
9stumbled into opponent, lose round, enemy must make Reflex DC20 or also lose round
10"Lukoon's Curse" – you fumble on a 1 or 2 for the rest of the gaming session
11"Hit Me, I'm Not Defending" - enemy automatically hits you on their attack
12blundered into ally – Reflex DC 21 for ally or they lose their entire round
13exposed vital area – enemy crits you if they hit on their attack
14bull rushed by enemy 2 squares (if they want)
16 - 19"Clumsy Fool" - lose entire round
20"Steve Sahgetti" - roll on crit table