Kii Paagol Ash Walk

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasAsh Walk
MapHiznaar Goz

Kii Paagol is a volcanic wasteland of Hiznaar Goz. It was unnaturally created in the God Era when angels, gods and mortals battled a demon invasion across multiple fronts. In the Hoof Front, a primordial spawn named Kerath was lured from its fiery home to a faraway world named Bal-Kriav.

Summoned from its fiery world, Kerath was not expected to aid us directly. All my master wanted to do was release it against Covenant lines and see what it could do. We knew little of what we summoned; only that they were true terrors. The few writings we had of them, all of the previous era had been "cleansed" by someone; meaning now whatever you read on them was changed to hide information. They had deep encryptions on them, so deep in fact that nobody in all of the Abyss had the skill to unlock the truth.

Kerath ended up far behind your lines, causing a lot of damage I'am told, yet to my master's consternation, Kerath left in his wake new tunnels, straight through mountains which were of great benefit to your supply lines. With a few carefully placed words of my own, Orcus figured out what the Covenant Lore Protectors had been hiding; that a Progeny of Baltas is a dumb brute, easily lured into a place where it will lose. You dispatched your heavy hitters to lure and trap my master's new pet. Geb and Bahamut did it with such ease that it was obvious you guys new much more than us about these Progeny of Baltalas.

- Morebara, an Orcus Listener to Lukoon Gatherer UI7A - "Morebara Interrogation, Session 3, Second Hour"

Kerath is imprisoned in the living volcano Sken Drog. Kii Paagol is broken and scorched from the beast's struggles to free itself.

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