Hall of Equilibrium

Halls of Equilibrium
OwnerThe Balance
BuiltHorgon Era

The Halls of Equilibrium is a place where The Balance convenes on matters involving the Mortal Systems. These matters could include the making of a god or punishing a Higher Power for overstepping their bounds. The latter usually meaning divine intervention whereby a Higher Power directly interferes with mortal affairs; a violation of the Mandate of the Heavens.

In this place in the Equipoise System, a group of Higher Powers calling themselves The Balance convenes on matters of mortal implications. These revolve around keeping the balance of power equal between gods, primordials, demon lords, archfiends, and others that fall into the Higher Powers classification. In layman's terms, this means if one Chaotic Higher Power or a faction of them gets too strong, oppose it with Law; if things get too Good, oppose it with Evil. Most of the time, this opposing is done in the Mortal Systems, using mortal pawns. The Higher Powers don't like their own realm to be besmirched by war.

- from the Godspawn Saga

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