Ofli Hrolmir Oflis Entrail

East Fork Entrail Crossing
AliasesOflis Entrail

Ofli Hrolmir is an artery of the Surturs Artery. It begins in the middle of Fangath where it spews out of the Geingil Spigot. Going east it then enters a slow moving current that circles north to south. This means that lava barges can flow up and down the same river by switching to the side flowing in the opposite direction.

Ofli Hrolmir, or Ofli's Entrail, was named after a fire giant palace guard that served Surtur in the Creation War and into the God Era.

Ofli Hrolmir was killed by Danzar-Khâl and other angels in the God Era as they sought audience with Surtur in his great hold Svaer Hodgrolf.

- from the History of the Felakgathar Contract

The lava of Ofli Hrolmir once fed three volcanoes. In the Allof Stond War, the northern volcano Grielfand and the lava lake Allof Stond were cut-off. This caused Grielfand to become a dead volcano and after several centuries the cooled lava basin became an Underdark lake. Today, Ofli Hrolmir feeds the two southern volcanoes (Trelshum and Thrammaer) and slowly burns into the surrounding rocks seeking new avenues to spread the molten lava of Surturs Artery.