Ryglaglanis Vrankalli

Class30th illrigger
RaceGithyanki (Death Knight)
Alignmentlawful evil
BirthplaceParadomea City
Born6 Saunas 1435
Undead15 War March 1494

Ryglaglanis started his career as a member of Black Banner. His family were devout worshipers of Asmodeus. His father was a captain of the Githlar√Ęk and his mother head of House Vrankalli, and high priestess of the Church of the Ninth Pillar in Paradomea City.

In 1467, when Raxcvillibus Dumu-loc became a member of the First Dead Council, he took Ryglaglanis under his wing. The two both followed knightly codes, so they were much alike. When the one he aspired to be like, was betrayed by Dax, Ryglaglanis abandoned the Black Tide. He went south, across the Sea of Mourning to Ma'Ohari. At Tas'dvr Mout, he waited nine years for his old leader to return from the Hells. During that time, he served as soldier under the Lix Tetrax. When Raxcvillibus returned, he found Ryglaglanis in poor state, a year shy of 60, health declining from age and long exposure to Ma'Ohari's notorious humidity and disease. In Tas'dvr Mout, he also suffered a bit of negative energy taint from all the fortress's undead. Seeing his devotion to him, Raxcvillibus made him a full member of the order, turning him into a death knight minion.

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