Sector 31

LocationTas'dvr Mout

Eyes burning intensely, becoming near blue-white in rage, he considers doing away with his vile, manipulative sword.

'With the Arch gone, maybe I can risk a teleport back to Tas'dvr Mout. In one of the deep vaults of Sector 31, find Grarg a new home. Mathongrarg's ego can spend the rest of his days in solitary, joining the other egomaniacs down there.'

- from the Godspawn Saga

Sector 31 is vault labyrinth beneath Tas'dvr Mout. It holds powerful minions who betrayed Rax. Two of the prisoners, (Hoalek and Ryglaglanis) are death knight minions he created to serve him. These two prisoners tried to do away with their creator. Their reasoning was that Rax was growing weak in his new role as Emperor, acting abnormal, becoming too goodly, not following the Lix Tetrax motto – "Might makes right."