Alignmentlawful neutral

In the Cinazan Front, Hurd-Tot was a crew member of the Pillar of Horns. He served as the ship's Chief Mechnanical Engineer, responsible for keeping the ship operational and the ship's two Arconulous Bands combat ready.

Hurd-Tot is also of the gimrune, one of the sub-races of the gnomes. Thirty-eight years ago, the gimrune of Azrik were citizens of Ba'lith's northern rival, the Torgilm Confederacy. After the Brothers Enmity War, the victors gave the conquered a choice: assimilate or taste cold steel. Rebel elements only made it worse for themselves, with entire families wiped out just for being related to them. Most chose to stay on, whereupon they became full-fledged citizens of their conquerors' empire. This policy, not normally the minotaur way, didn't go over well with the citizens. Normally, the conquered they were chattel of those that captured them. The emperor put it simply and convincingly: "They're a valuable people, with skills that will make us stronger for the next war, one that will plant our flag in elderaunt lands and see the rubble of their capital shipped home to cobble our streets." That was only part of a speech that captivated everyone in the audience, whether friendly to the policy and against.

Hurd-Tot's parents had lived through that war and accepted assimilation. He was young at the time, barely three, but he still remembers the sadness of his mother, a cartographer. She came home distraught, nearing wailing with tears. It was the day they were reprinting the maps; where there once had been the flag of the Torgilm Confederacy, there was now that of its conqueror. Hurt-Tot is not especially fond of this emperor, though he respects him; but keeping this ship running is his life's work. It is a strong belief, one that he doesn't realize isn't his own.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Hud-Tot has been psychically modified by his emperor Raxcvillibus.

Too bad he wanted to leave after being so instrumental in building this ship. He considers the mental coaxing he had to put the man through, changing his mind to think of the Pillar of Horns as his very own to nourish and keep in good health. A psychic surgery, a rewiring of the brain that if taken to the extreme makes one a drone, can make them think just a little differently if handled well. Rax is a master at it.

- from the Godspawn Saga