Hezxis wielding Webreaver
WorldNasudex (Abyss)
RaceDemon (Demon Lord)
TitleLord of Nasudex
Alignmentchaotic evil
BirthplaceMorefaer Vat
Born15 War March 2578 DE
Died24 War March 9020 GE

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Hezxis was a Covenant officer. Of the Durkoth people, he went down the dark path, carrying out brutal campaigns against the Covenant's primordial enemies. When he died, his soul energy went to the world of Azu'tzor. Here it was reforged, with Hezxis reborn as a Demon.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), using an ancient weapon called Webreaver, and now a Demon Lord, Hezxis re-opened the Henmona Rift. His armies left the world Nasudex, crossing over to the Cilarrion region of the world Kriav. In 8974 GE, forces under the demon lord Hezxis began attacking areas under protection of the world's guardian, the archangel Corellon.

On 2 War March 9020 GE, Hezxis opened another front. Again using rift-making sword, he cut a whole in the Web of Magic, creating the Hezxis Pocket. Several weeks later, the Maeraddyth Brigade traveled to Hezxis's home on Nasudex, slaying him while nearly all of his forces were laying siege to Liamenor.