Hezxis Pocket

Hezxis Pocket, Nasudex side
Opened2 War March 9020 GE

The Hezxis Pocket was an inter-system rift created in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). It became the invasion route for demons serving under a demon lord named Hezxis.

The rift was opened on Hezxis's home world of Nasudex. Using an ancient blade named Webreaver, he cut a rift only ten miles from his great fortress Una'gah. This is a major blunder on his part, one we should take advantage of with all haste.

- Hunggus, satyr scout under Corellon, from the Liamenor War Archive

The Hezxis Pocket, a bridge between the worlds Nasudex and Kriav, was made very close to Hezxis's target, a Covenant Holy Bastion named Liamenor. After coming through, the demon legions marched five miles to Corellon's headquarters. This attack was broken up after the Maeraddyth Brigade went to Una'gah where they slew Hezxis.

At the time of the rift's creation, the world of Kriav was unstable, with erratic connection to the Web of Magic. The Hezxis Pocket was opened in one of these areas, fortifying it with arcane energy, something irreparable by the Web's the weave spiders. Since its opening, in a concept called inter-system bleeding, Nasudex became more like Kriav, though with a darker taint. Its nature denizens became hostile to civilization, demons, and pretty much anything not an evil fey. Today, Liamenor's garrison maintains a vigilant watch of the gate's opening on their side. They sometimes have to deal with something coming through, but its usually just evil fey looking to cause mischief rather than invade.

The area around this rift is mud flats with grisly bones still here from the time when demons poured through the rift and met a rain of elven arrows. The mud flats were caused when Liamenor's wizards used an array of spells to bring the ground low enough that when Aldenil runs high, it turns the area around the rift into a sticky muck.

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