Blade of Muk-Shor

Typesaddle sword
ForgeWitch Cauldron
LocationSyrtis Blackclaw

The Blade of Muk-Shor was enchanted by the Mad Wizard Flay. It is a +4 saddle sword of shared health and defense. It was forged with the help of Theegan witches at the Witch Cauldron of Incubus.

The Blade of Muk-Shor was made for a goblin henchman of Flay named Muk-Shor. This particular individual was a master cavalier, so the weapon was designed to enhance both mount and rider. The weapon truly shines when it is used in mounted combat.

In 1832, Trauma Squad raided Torazan Sanctum. In this old ruin they fought the goblin Muk-Shor and his mount, the gorgon named Vorn. This fight proved to be one of the most challenging they have ever fought. They learned later that both Muk-Shor and Vorn were imprisoned as guards of the Golem Depot. Once former friends of Flay, they now were in temporal stasis until someone entered the vault holding Flays Flesh Golem Army. Trauma Squad defeated the goblin and the gorgon and made off with the Blade of Muk-Shor and the Barding of Vorn.

Shared Healthwhile mounted and using the sword, rider and mount share their total hit point pool, upon dismount or loss of the sword, the remaining health is divided between mount and ridercontinuous
Shared Armor while mounted and using the sword, rider and mount take the highest armor class of the two, upon dismount or loss of the sword, the armor classes return to normalcontinuous