Guirfeint Water Elemental Warden
RegionHigh Wood Country

In the Second Epoch, the course of the river Guirfeint was changed from a southerly route through Kizan to a southeasterly one taking it away from the valley. This new course took it east of the Gakhs and down to Lethiel. The river's course change did not come about naturally. Rúmil's engineers were tasked with using whatever means necessary, to cut off Rumaktharga's from its main water supply. The dwarves of this city also worked while the elves undertook the monumental feat of building a canal to re-route a river. While the elves were cutting a canal across the south of Idril, Rumaktharga was digging wells deep beneath the city and redirecting streams and making canals to re-route mountain streams in the direction of their valley redoubt.

Rúmil's workers used the flow of the river to help blast out the canal that would become its riverbed. They also employed earth elementals which were supplied by Gebs Chosen. Initially, the Angrods were against their neighbor's massive military project (as part of the Second Kizan War). They seemed to have been convinced of its value after seeing that it stood a good chance of driving Rumaktharga's dwarves back to the Clans and that it would become the new territorial boundary (in their favor) with Rúmil. Construction of the canal through the hard rock of the Gakhs was aided by both magic like Dig and Move Earth spells and with the elementals supplied by Geb's proselytizers. The re-routing of a river and use of earth elementals to tear apart the earth and stone did not go over well with one of Silvanus's cults. After some intelligence gathering Cheldremn's spies learned of an enemy and potential ally in Karnegmoth. Cheldremn turned to the Greenland Alliance for help. The aid they got was a supply of water elementals and water weirds to ward the river once it joined with lake Lethiel. These watery creatures were assigned the task of hunting down any earth elementals or Gebs Chosen that remained in the area after the canal was built. Since Gebs Chosen still has a presence in Taurelin, these water elementals and water weirds still carry out their assignment. Some of them are also employed in guarding the pearl halls of Anglor Hellion.

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