Guirfeint - Taurelin
RegionHigh Wood Country

In the Second Kizan War (1300 - 1315), the course of the river Guirfeint was changed from a southerly route through the Kizan Valley to a southeasterly one, away from the valley. This new course took it east of the Gakhs, creating swamps and eventually doubling the size of lake Lethiel.

Guirfeint's course change was the work of RĂºmil's engineers and earth elementals supplied by Gebs Chosen. They were tasked with cutting Rumaktharga's water supply. Unable to stop this work by arms, Rumaktharga dug deep wells beneath their city, redirected streams into their valley redoubts. The river's flow through the Gizan Valley was missed, yet it did not have the planned effect, with the Second Kizan War ending in stalemate.

Guirfeint is home to water elementals and water wierds. In the Second Kizan War, many of these watery brutes served under the first lord of Anglor Hellion, then then mortal Lokestant.

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