Knell Cannon

Knell Beetle
Typesonic energy cannon

The knell cannon is created from the chitinous bell found on knell beetles. The first of these cannons were created by Gimrune engineers in the employ of Ba'lith's military research division.

Knell cannons are an advanced version of ancient Auhtai cannons. Both types use a sonic energy technology called Päiki-Synhö. The knell cannon is a shorter range weapon that produces a devastating sound wave. They require no ammunition, but are limited to the number of times they can fire each day. A knell cannon can fire five times with safety, each successive fire in the same day has a 10% cumulative chance of shattering the bell and destroying the weapon. The weapon has a 30' conical blast that deals 10d6 sonic damage (Reflex DC22 half).

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