Lotlom Vund Lake Walls

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesLake Walls
MapHiznaar Goz

Lotlom Vund is a low mountain range of Hiznaar Goz. Since as long anyone can remember, these mountains have served as the first aerie for young dragons and those that have yet carved out a hunting ground for themselves.

When dragons of the Aerie of Dragons are forced out of their parent's lair, they are told to either go to this area and prove themselves among other dragons of their age or head out into the wild and try their luck against the unknown. Most of them come to Lotlom Vund and hone their fighting skills with others of the same temperament and age.

- Zahk Zurgah, Kriistvrii sage - "Diiv do faal Leret" (Dragons of the Aerie)

As a result of the high number of young dragons making a temporary lair here, Lotlom Vund has come to serve as a recruitment area. Armies as far back as the Zeymah'kein had permanent recruitment and training encampments here. The Kriistvrii trained the dragons for war and recruited those fit for control. Today, Ag Envok and Lahvirn Piiv do the same, though they have a tendency to coerce and even force the young dragons into their armies.

The Namug Passage cuts through the southern reaches of Lotlom Vund. The part of the road cutting through these mountains is called Yunkliin Kroved, Draconic for Hatchling Defile. Legend has it that early in the Horgon Era, the first Kriistvrii surveyors of these peaks came upon many hatchling dragons. They were to learn that it was a bumper period for dragon births and as a result there was near endless fighting for territory among the young dragons and hatchlings.

Notable Areas