RegionGrashakh, Hells Womb
MapTrudnar Mountains

The Trudnar highlands are two parallel mountain ranges flanking the Agulbandal depression. In the Demon Spawn War, the primordial lord Surtur was a questionable ally of the Quara'tun Covenant. Like he did against the Covenant of the previous war, in the war against the demons he used his control of lava to create volcanoes. These were often so devastating to the land around that it was something the Covenant was reluctant to use. In 8977 GE, the demon armies of Demogorgon invaded Hells Womb. For a decade there was a lot of fighting among these demon legions. The Covenant saw no clear leadership, with the demons more interested in fighting each other, and most importantly not threatening other sectors. When they started pushing north into Inirthak, coming together with purpose, the Covenant leadership gave the go ahead to Surtur to work his magic. The fiery terra-forming began near the two northern heads of the Trudnar mountains. Surtur created the volcanoes Vaermund and Typhalumus. Their frequent eruptions was such that most of the time, Demogorgon's legions took to going around a depression streaked with lava flows and dotted with impact craters.

These mountains are resource rich. Gemstones, iron, gold, and lava stone are its top resources. In the Horgon Era, the Zeymah'kein Empire tried to expand into these mountains. They wanted the area's gold deposits. They were stopped by demon hordes coming out of GarĂ¢tha. A landscape often volatile with heat and poisonous gases, the export of the area's gold and iron didn't become serious until the rise of the fire empire Surticon.

Notable Resources
  • Gemstones
  • Gold
  • Iron
  • Lava Stone