Garâtha - Lirgaza
RegionHells Womb

Garâtha is a dead volcano of Trudnar's southeastern peaks. During the Horgon Era, hobgoblin demon worshipers built a spired fortress inside of Garâtha. Explorers of this hold called Valefor say that the place was once led by a powerful demonologist named Thararthel. The conjurers of Valefor used demons to stop Zeymah'kein's incursions into Trudnar. From the number of bones inside the keep and spread across the crater of Garâtha, it seems the same demons that helped them, would later destroy them. These bones have not changed with time or the elements. They are very hard and damaging to mortal flesh; a material called bonebrack. Later expeditions to the area have learned that most of the bones in the Valefor ruins and across Garâtha are from mivilorn. These enormous magical beasts are most commonly found on Acheron. From the number of bones, only a stuck gate and herding from the other side, could have resulted in so many of these creatures coming into this area.

Late in the Horgon Era, Mîmêk miners broke into the subterranean chambers of Valefor. The path to this place from Drarthiel and through the ruins of Valefor grew to be a road called Tarukkhâl. This road descends down Garâtha and links up with the Tryrreid.

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