Satheon is a foggy, deep bay of northern Gathrot. It is flanked east and west by mile high jagged cliffs. The southern end of the bay meets the wastelands of Hakân. In the Third Epoch, one of the dark leaders of the Dead Council undertook a grand plan to halt the slowly filling Satheon. Dax, with the aid of an army of enslaved magmin turned Groarnfer's pressure and lava tubes, those feeding Hakân, away from the area and north to the volcano Gruggvein. This grand plan saved Satheon - even though it wouldn't have filled in for another several thousand years.

In the deeps of Satheon bay are ruins of the Durkoth that mutated and descended into the seas. Some of those that joined the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), came here first before descending into the deeper waters of Zen'nêlkhush. These ruins hold relics of the Durkoth that abandoned Abâthigûr. One of those plundered from this place by Dax, or those working for him, was a tome that allowed him to summon the magmin employed in the Groarnfer Plan.

At the entrance of the bay are two colossal statues, one a 110' tall hyena with worms spilling out of its eye sockets and its intestines spilling out like great tentacles down the face of the cliff. Opposite this, ten miles away, is a massive statue of 90' high vulture. As part of the statue, the beak of the vulture holds dozens of rotting corpse. Both of these statues represent the heralds of Thasmudyan, patron deity of the Black Tide.

If not for these grotesque statues, Satheon would be the most beautiful bay of all of the isles of Mourning.

- Captain Zhut, of the ship Pandimírë, from his journal - "The Isles of Necrocrypt"

Also, in the deep waters of Satheon are the wreckage of a massive fleet of ships. There are some 150 ships and countless bones down there, most sent to a watery grave in the Battle of Satheon. After this battle, the area became haunted with groaning spirits and ghosts of sailors. These undead drove off or killed most of the bay's harpies that once laired here.

Not all the sunken hulks, and the dead of Satheon have been given rest. In times past, particularly during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), some of the ships rose to the surface and became part of a death fleet that terrorized the seas under the Black Tide. A few even had the honor, if you can call it that, of serving the Armada of the Damned.