Sathulkazar is a large swamp west of Khirrêth. The swamp is fed by streams from the steep slopes of Izgarrêth and the frequent flooding of the Rute. This river cuts through the swamp and brings its chilling waters to the wetlands. As a result, fog covers vast tracts of the northeastern part of these wetlands.

The swamp is a nightmarish place with numerous Dragur undead, will-o-wisps, ghosts, hags and rogue mummy lords of Set, which probably at one time or another served the Khazarkar Empire. The swamp is littered with ruined fortresses and crypts of the Draguron. Some of these hold nothing more than beasts, while others are the home of diseased miscreants, escaped criminals, bandits, or possibly even a lich and its retinue of minions. The place is so dangerous and difficult to cross that the Khazarkar Empire have roads cutting south from Khirrêth and then west into the interior of Cinazan.

Notable Areas