Greatest Treasures

Typeunique treasures

There are lost treasures scattered across the realm. Great weapons and relics from the Dawn Era all the way up to the present day have been lost or purposely hidden away. Listed here are some of the greatest treasures of the realm. Some are single items, others are hoards, some in possession of a powerful creature, or lost.

Hoard Of Casiron

Cursed to remain among the living until his hoard is returned is the ghost dragon Casiron. The lair of this beast is the city-sized ruin Narukgulan. The hoard of this dragon is said to be half of the 2,000,000 needed to release him from his curse. Many have sought to plunder these vast riches, only to die a miserable death. Sometimes, thieves get lucky and make off with some of the booty, thereby extending Casiron's cursed existence.

Hoard Of Pinth Blackstrike

One of the lost treasure hoards is the personal treasure of Pinth Blackstrike. Pinth was frugal, the worst of misers, and lived a very long and Spartan lifestyle. He hoard is reputed to be vast in coin, gems, and magic items. To find it, would make one rich enough to run a small empire for 10 years.

Star Ruby Throne

In the lands of the Aerie of Dragons, within the bowels of Resalth Lingraav is the Star Ruby Throne. This throne is ancient, said to have been cut from a single star ruby and is considered priceless. It was shaped during the reign of the Arkhosians and sat upon by many of the empire's emperors.

When Ag Envok came to power they moved the Star Ruby Throne from Gaard Goraag to Resalth Lingraav.

Tauth'ghourn's Hoard

Tauth'ghourn was a powerful dragon of the Horgon Era. He ruled much of Por Trumgol and the central reaches of the Krein Jusk. It's supposed hoard was rumored to have millions of coins and innumerable gems and other treasures. It has never been found, and may just have been a rumor. The rumor led to war between Arkhosia and Bael-Turath (c.f. The First Burn), as each sought the vast wealth of Tauth'ghourn. Some hermits claim that Tauth'ghourn got mired in the mud and drowned because he consumed all of his treasure. If the treasure exists, they say, it is at the bottom of the swamp where Tauth'ghourn perished.