Maranwë Tîwele Stinger Meadows

RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
AliasStinger Meadows
MapMaranwë Tîwele Plain

Maranwë Tîwele, roughly translated to Stinger Meadows from Elvish, is a grassland northwest of the Core Sea. In 1028, a Tragarn botanist by the name of Hantar Kast visited this area. He had come north to secretly figure out where the grapes for a particular wine were coming from. Sponsored by a Kal-Oni noble house with an interest in bringing the wine "in-house", he went on mission of discovery. His party followed the river Foronir and then across lands where High Orc was becoming the common language. He and his party of druids, rangers, and fey made it through Grashakh into Cinazan. It was a perilous journey in lands that were then wild. Two years after they started, they were found hiding in the ruins of a place that was then called Rabaranda. Elves out of Séregon, rescued the beleaguered party from marauding frost giants, taking them back to the Ithengee empire. Hantar was able to convince his rescuers that he was on a mission of botanical study. To this day, nobody knows if they were convinced by his words and the many scrolls and journals of his journey. Hantar was allowed to continue on his "mission of study". From time to time, Ithengee sent out parties to check on their well-being, but never stayed long or harried them. They were rightly concerned for them, because their camp at the edge of Maranwë Tîwele, was in a very dangerous place. A journey in to harvest grapes for making what the Kal-Oneans like to call Meloras Tear or honey for Thralion was done under certain conditions, usually at night and without light sources, magic to cover scent, and magic to silence movement.

If we are to hold to the definition of meadow, then this is no meadow, but a flower land of such vastness that nothing like it exists across Midrêth.

Maranwë Tîwele is like a vast meadow, thick with towering plants, flowers, and high grass. The soil is unusually rich, leading to growth rates ten times normal. The size of the vegetation is five to twenty times normal. It is so think, that we stumbled upon a dozing dragon. A low growl was enough to send us another direction. The rich, sometimes overpowering scent of a multitude of flowers is noticeable for many miles beyond these flower lands. On any given day, tens of thousands of giant bees and millions of normal bees can be seen. There are also less friendly creatures of the area like archer bushes and carnivorous trapper plants.

- Hantar Kast, famed botanist of the Second Epoch, excerpt from one of his journals - "Dangerous Beauty"

Hantar was to learn from a Kriavfahliil student of botany, flush with Thralion, that Maranwë Tîwele is a product of inter-world contamination; its soil somehow enriched with dust and debris from the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm. The student then told of the Atlas Footfalls in the north, and that how around them you will find plants alien to our world.