Built20 Lunar 1218

Maravapthân is a massive naval fortress of the Ba'lith empire. It is sited on an island that was once a lava stone spur of the long gone volcano Hermir Azrik. In the Dawn Era, this otherworldly volcano collapsed, creating Thrawkrall Bay.

Maravapthân was built in the Horn Tusk Conflict (1023 - 1467). Near Thrawkrall's south eastern corner, this fortress served as a coastal defense and for repairing an armada of light galleys used in actions against the then far mightier navy of Ivory Asylum.

The place has towering thick walls and a large internal harbor. This harbor is in the truest sense a sheltered one, with it being inside the island (and underneath the imposing fortress above it). As a naval fortress, Maravapthân is bristling with defenses - batteries of all caliber cannons and on overwatch ten fortified earth motes. These motes are floating islands which are like miniatures of Maravapthân where instead of having a port for water-going vessels they have ones suited for skyships. The earth motes used here come from the Elphion jungle.

Maravapthân is the headquarters of the Maravapthân Strategic Command.