Atlas Footfalls

Skull Trapper
RegionIce Cap

In the Aettein sector of Ice Cap are many impact craters. They are spread across a wide area, from the northern flower lands of the Stinger Meadows to the ridges of Feyl. The eight largest craters are surrounded by aliens plants from the destroyed moon Dûlan-Nûl. These plants survived a moon split apart, the vacuum of the Void, and then raining down on the world Bal-Kriav in what became known as the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm.

The areas around these craters, and into the tall grasslands for a dozen miles around, are deadly dangerous. The plant-life here, some quite sentient, are predatory and not like those found elsewhere on Bal-Kriav. Luckily for the surrounding areas, these plants don't survive well in what to them is an alien environment. One of the more dangerous predatory plants is the Skull Trapper; a creature known to decorate its body with the skulls of its kills. Many have tried to eradicate these creatures, the giants of Cûngin-Zar, the elves of Ithendelt, each learning quickly, the creature's habit of propagating under stress. The giants of Bor studied the problem at length, concluding that what they called Siming Tolod, enter a survival mode when there numbers drop. They spawn more of their kind which grow to maturity rapidly in an area known for bountiful game, nuts, fruit, honey, and other foodstuffs.

Khalas's goliath were the first to start calling this area the Atlas Footfalls. In one of their folklores, Atlas is said to have strode across the land, each footfall crushing hundreds of Cûngin-Zar soldiers.

Notable Areas