Baying Lake Ašetal

RegionTribe Steppes

Once called Ašetal, this lake got its new name from the insufferable baying of hounds that hunt the area. The beasts hungrily prowl the shoreline. Some of these calls come from more dangerous predators, like werewolves or shadow mastiffs. The latter come up from Shadow Rift to live in the forests and hills around the lake. Surrounding much of the lake are the hunting grounds of these feral beasts, the forest Singarban. The uncivilized nature of the area precludes the lake from seeing any living naval traffic, but at night skiffs from the bay's depths rise up with undead crews and prowl the waters and coastlines. These cursed undead are Kriavfahliil slain while investigating the ancient tower of the lake's eastern banks. The only surviving member of the group said that a ghost aboleth and at least one demon lairs in this keep.

The southern outflow of this lake begins the headwaters for the Ithen river.