Grielfand - Vetoubahr
RegionAzrik, Maleddanar

Grielfand is a dead volcano of the Kimaris Peaks. In the First Epoch, the allied armies of Andrithiach and Hlothrabatta waged war on the fire giants of Megrlof. In this conflict, magic and mining clogged a artery of the Ofli Hrolmir. Following this unnatural cave-in, its lava cut-off, Grielfand became a dead volcano.

A tall mountain rising 25,000' above sea level, its sub-surface side descends into the deeps of Fangath for nearly 6000'. Its caldera is three miles across. Most of the time, Grielfand's slopes above 5000' are masked in clouds. When the maw of the volcano is not hidden by natural clouds, smoke and magic is used to mask the caldera floor.

One area of the caldera floor is the shipyard Gúrkúm-Ghak. Timber and other products for building sky and voidships make their way to this shipyard by way of steam rails, beasts, and slaves. Heavy labor for offloading these materials are done with the help of mammoths and stone giants.

The interior of Grielfand is honeycombed with fortifications, numerous passages, buildings, and shipbuilding facilities. The ships built here go on to join the Cloud Guard or the Horns of the Void. Territory of the Ba'lith Empire, Grielfand is a restricted area, a military base.

Notable Areas