Gypsum Dunes

Dune Reaper
RegionKarnegmoth, Izagunbar
MapGypsum Dunes

This sandy area is a product of the Gypsum Rift. It was created over two centuries, with gypsum pouring out of the rift, blasted upwards to the surface, and then flowing through Lamprophyre like a river. Most of this ended up going north into the Pearl Sea. Such was the volume that it created the sandy white dunes that came to be called the Gypsum Dunes. Today, this area is a mix of gypsum and sand brought in from the ocean's tides.

The high white sand dunes of this area are plagued with dune reapers and rogue earth elementals. The elementals are those that never fit in with Lamprophyre or their former Rilirthad masters. In the 1500s, seeking to keep the elementals busy, Ivory Asylum brought in dune reapers. Ever since then, the elementals have not been much of a problem for those that venture into this area. The more dangerous threat is the dune reapers. Lamprophyre has a brisk trade of these creatures with those seeking them for their armies or as entertainment in arenas. They can often be found in the Champion of the Pits battling would-be heroes in the Centrifuge Coliseum.