Fodder Mine

Undead Making

In the truest sense of the word, the Fodder Mine is not a mine. In the Black Tide Reign (1504 - 1546), this area of the Underdark was used to create hordes of undead. Vast pits of inky black liquid bubbled and gurgled, necromancers applied their dark arts, cadavers and slaves were hurled into these black pits, sometimes producing undead, and other times feeding the insatiable hunger of the god Thasmudyan.

When the Artery War (1546 - 1554) raged across the land above, the Pits were worked around the clock, producing undead soldiers to fight in the beleaguered armies of the Black Tide. Many of the pits exploded from overuse, killing the necromancers, or creating uncontrollable and terribly powerful undead. When the Black Tide was driven from Targind-Nal, the Fodder Mine went silent and the sickly bile pits of Thasmudyan hardened into a solid that is nearly impenetrable.

The Fodder Mine is a place to be avoided by all creatures. This evil place still harbors undead abominations and malevolent spirits left behind by the Black Tide.

- Tome, excerpt from the journal - "Green Nebulous Expedition"

Notable Areas