Reef Ripper is a sentient +5 trident. It is an 8' long weapon forged of blutium. It is ornately shaped with a twisted shaft inlaid with coral, mother of pearls, and colorful shells.

Reef Ripper is a very old weapon, crafted sometime in the Lich-Crillion Era. Since the Lith-Crillion were the only people of that period to make use of blutium, it is probably a weapon of their make. One wielder of the weapon, her name lost to the ages, said that the weapon told her it was made at a place called Felth.

When taken out of water, the weapon radiates an aura of moisture to 20'. After a few hours, things become damp, and if left for a long period of time, things will rot in the presence of this weapon. Next land-bound creatures that owned this weapon, would soon learn to keep the weapon submerged in water when not needed.

The weapon was first seen in battle during the Sea Devil War. A sahuagin baron used the weapon to devastating effect against the soldiers manning the walls of Paradomea. He killed 80 soldiers before he was brought down with a hail of arrows. The weapon was used for a time by a Paradomea soldier before he was murdered.

Reef Ripper is the name weapon goes by when out of the water. Its true name is a series of sound waves which when heard underwater are said to mean "Scourge of the Reefs".

AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Communicationspeech and telepathy
LanguagesAquan, Infernal, possibly others
Locate Object as spell 1/day
Find Water detects water within 1 mile at will, type, quantity, does not indicate if it is an elemental or other monster continuous
Water-borne acts as ring of swimmingcontinuous
Freedom acts as ring of free actioncontinuous
Dehydration dehydration spray- 40' long x 20' wide at terminus dealing 8-64hps of damage (Reflex DC22 for half damage). This power does not function against water dwellers2/day