RegionHigh Wood Country

Baranarth is a rugged wasteland of Voternil. Like the Einreth Forest to the south, in the High Wood Quake (9 War March 1251), Baranarth went from being a verdant forest to a desolate wasteland.

Baranarth is dotted with jagged spires, marshes, and geysers and tracts of rich greenery bordering elemental streams and rivulets. The latter two have their headwaters at the Springs of Sehanine; great water motes put in place to restore Baranarth.

The wastes of Baranarth are dangerous to travel. It is the abode of will-o-wisps, oozes, elementals and predatory plants. The elementals are water types from the world Cresting Spires. They come to this wasteland by way of the Springs of Sehanine. Baranarth is home to bonespears, cave trolls, leucrotta, basilisk, and other unpleasant foes.

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