RegionHigh Wood Country

Baranarth is one of two wastelands of the High Wood Country sector Voternil; the other is Einreth . Both of these areas went from being verdant forests to desolate wastelands in the High Wood Quake. Baranarth is dotted with jagged spires, marshes, and geysers and tracts of rich greenery bordering elemental streams and rivulets. These bodies of water come from the Springs of Sehanine; which are water motes hovering hundreds of feet over areas of Baranarth and around it. Work of priestess of the god Sehanine, these water motes were put here to turn-back the desolation caused by the High Wood Quake. Hundreds of smoking pools, gas vents, and a large sink-hole are features brought about by that great earthquake. This sinkhole descends into the Underdark region Menortamon. There are a spiderweb of passages branching off the sinkhole with some turning into feydark fissures. This take one from Bal-Kriav's Underdark to its opposite on the world Kriav.

The wastes of Baranarth are dangerous to travel. Creatures such as will-o-wisps, oozes, elementals and predatory plants prowl the wetlands. The elementals are water types from the world Cresting Spires. They are an unintended side effect of the Springs of Sehanine. Baranarth's rough and tumbled terrain is home to bonespears, cave trolls, leucrotta, basilisk, and other unpleasant foes. Creatures from the area's sinkhole occasionally come out and make raids on the nearby forests. The most dangerous of these raiders are those under the command of the drow or the fomorians.

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