The Gudyazas came to prominence in Farinteen Empire. They had a fiefdom in the lower tracts of Luran. In this area, it is said the family began their legacy of devout worship of Athena. The Gudyazas have produced renown paladins and high ranking priests. They have guarded the Phoyarrâr shrine since it was built. The stronghold that protects this shrine of Athena is called Rayalgûn. This mighty fortress bristles with cannons and crack troops. An order of paladins and a very strong cavalry is stationed here. Rayalgûn has never fallen.

During the dire days of the Black Tide War, some of the Gudyazas's took on a vengeful crusader mentality. They preached that the war was one of beliefs, and that the only way to secure one's soul journey to Nawenglorûs was to worship Athena and carry her blessed sword into battle against the undead hordes of the Black Tide.

In the Black Tide War, cavalry units armed and trained by the Gudyazas proved to be some of the most dangerous forces on the battlefield. They claim that some of the tactics and horse riding skills were learned from the Theegans near Phoyarrâr. Shortly after the Black Tide War, the Athenian Schism occurred. The Gudyazas were the leaders of the faction that split from the main Church of Athena and formed their own church. They established a Church of Athena that is militaristic, crusading, and forceful in their approach to religious conversion.

In the Athena Crusade, the Black Tide of Thasmudyan was defeated. The Gudyazas and their allies refused to join the democratic state of Malacost. They instead formed fiefdoms in the northwestern lands of the Lands of Purity.

In the Third Epoch, the Gudyazas rallied the people for a war against the barbarian incursions from the Northern Hordelands. This led to the Phoenix Rising war. When this war ended, the Divine Empire was formed. The Gudyazas took prominent positions in the church and military.

The Gudyazas have a monopoly on Dušullu-Ošur and aurorum. They get these resources from the deep gnomes of Gaereaus. It is shipped across the Heliotrope Sea and up to Pharangul. It then enters the surface markets of the realm.