CreationDawn Era
Languagevaries by subtype

Elementals come in many shapes and sizes. The primordials called them by their type, those of earth energy, the Earth Elementals, those of the flame, the Fire Elementals, then the Water Elemental and the Air Elemental. Advancements upon the base elementals led a branch of elementals more entropic called the Chaos Archons. The Mephit are another branch of elementals. Other notables are lava children and the Magmin.

Base elementals have the longest lifespans of all elementals. They can live thousands of years before their earthen makeup breaks down to fine granules of sand, or when the end comes for a fire elemental they fade into smoke, water elementals evaporate, and air elementals dissipate into the atmosphere.

Base elementals are usually neutral to the affairs of the universe around them. Archons are either things of entropy or its opposite. Archons are stronger in the arcane, with a wider array of magical powers. Unlike base elementals, archons have fixed shapes. They more closely resemble the biped races that the Creationists seemed so fond of making - humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, and so on.