CreationDawn Era
Languagevaries by subtype

Elementals come in many shapes and sizes. The primordials called them by their type, earth elementals, often viewed the crudest of forms, were designated Type I. Advancements upon these base elementals became known as the elemental archons. The chaos archons, creatures more entropic than other elemental archons, are in a class of their own.

Base elementals have the longest lifespans of all elementals. They can live thousands of years before their earthen makeup breaks down to fine granules of sand, or when the end comes for a fire elemental they fade into smoke, water elementals evaporating away, and air elementals dissipating into the atmosphere. The base elementals are usually equal parts law and chaos, and the same for the energies of good and evil - neutrals. Archons are advanced elementals that are often stronger and more arcane energy in them, giving them a wider array of magical powers. Unlike base elementals, their forms are fixed. They also more closely resemble the biped races that the Creationists seemed so fond of making - humans, dwarves, elves, orcs, and so on.

Common Homelands