Road to Miradalêth
RegionIce Cap
Built1595 LE - 1533 HE

Rônêth is an area southwest of Miradalêth. The goliath of Khalas refer to this place as the Road to Miradalêth. In this mountainous pass are colossal statues. They were built thousands of years ago by the eldritch giants of Saer Erkjorg. There is one statue every mile, for fifty miles. Each represents some eldritch hero of the Saer Erkjorg reign. These statues have stood for thousands of years and have not faded with time.

The statues are similar, each holding a very long spear with a sphere atop it. If someone knows the command words, they light up. This bathes the area in bubbles of light which provides good visibility even at night. It also nullifies magical effects that deal in displacement, concealment, and invisibility.