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The Kernsking mountains are near the heart of Âruk. Before the birth of Geb, the Kernskings were an unbroken chain of mountains. When the Gurnskolf earth mote broke free from the surface and rose into the sky, part of the mountains went with them (c.f. Fylfhild). The center of the Kernskings now rests on Gurnskolf, below them where those mountains once were, is the rift Basskaff.

In the area between the sky-island Gurnskolf and the rift below, are thousands of earth motes. Some of these are large enough to sustain vegetation and other organic matter. These bits of floating land are intertwined with a latticework of koil vines. They descend from Gurnskolf through these earth motes and then into the mountains on the surface. Some lazily hang even further, dragging their tips on the rift's floor.

Before the advent of skyships, the giants of Gurnskolf used these vines, the Kernsking Koils as roads to reach the surface. They came down from their sky-island to demand tribute, raid and spoil the lands beneath them. Later, they would be the roads of conquest for Aslauthroa's armies.

- Admiral Otroki, personnel journal #34 - "Vine Roads"

Beside mineral wealth, the area is known for its fermented yak milk. This comes from the thousands of yaks that wander the slopes, and also from farms. Most prefer the taste of wild yak milk over farm raised. Either way you get it, the stuff has a putrid smell. It is known for its long after taste, minutes for giants, and hours for smaller humanoids.

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