Globule of Arcane

Typesemi-solid arcane energy

Globules of Arcane are fragments splintered off in the harvesting of Spheres of Arcane. Rather than being a solid, these globules of arcane are pure arcane energy. Like Spheres of Arcane, they come from the Cubes of Arcane.

Harvesting a Sphere of Arcane for Orbs of Arcane will produce 100 to 400 Globules of Arcane. These quickly coalesce into a wavering sphere with the consistency of mercury, then hardening over weeks to something akin to an ostrich egg. They can be used as weapons, releasing all their contained energy on impact and raining a dust detrimental to all magic. More importantly to arcanists, they can be used as vessels of readily available arcane energy.

A full-size Globule of Arcane holds 30 spell levels of energy. This can be used by an arcane caster to recover spells previously cast. Each time it is used in this fashion, the Globule gets smaller and its energy potential declines. Once it gets to 1 spell of use before disappearing, some decide to keep what now looks like a modest pearl. It is used in decoration or added to some trinket or jewelry. In a display of vanity and great wealth, wizard-governors of Tamlêrran wear necklaces of 6 to 12 of them.

The hurled Globule of Arcane delivers 2 hit points of damage per spell level left in it. A fully charged one delivers 60 hit points of arcane damage (wearing no magic - Reflex 20 for half, wearing magic - Reflex DC30 for half). The area of effect is a 5' globe. On impact it releases dead magic dust that nullifies the magical properties of all magic items on the targets until it removed (jumping in water removes immediately, spending 4 rounds brushing it off, or being in an area of strong wind will remove in one round). The dust become inert after 4 hours.