Class15th ranger
TitleFather of the Black Oaks
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Born1 Hollow 8778 GE
Died12 Saunas 9116 GE

On 1 Hollow 8778 GE, on the world of Bal-Kriav, Silvanus planted the seed of the first black oak. Named Núlananya, his growth was magically accelerated, making him sooner fit for potential service in Silvanus's clandestine spy network, the Roots of Núlananya.

Unfortunately for Núlananya and the Roots of Núlananya he was named after, he was born without the power required of those to join Silvanus's spy network. The reasons for this were two. The first was chance, not all those treants that Silvanus created, forged with Spark of Creation and Warp Matter, got the coveted power of teleporting others to distant lands and even faraway worlds. The second was the place of birth. Unknown to Silvanus, where he planted the seed that became Núlananya, happen to be the grave site of a primordial beast slain here in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). Born in chaos infused soil, the essence of the dead primordial is thought to have seeped into Núlananya. This eventually supercharged the warp matter in him, causing it to collapse, ending with a rip in the fabric of the Web. This hole, a bridge between worlds, became known as the Núlananya Rift. It became the invasion route for the beast hordes of Jurusalax.

On 12 Saunas 9116 GE, one hundred and thirty some years after its opening, Silvanus closed the rift by snuffing out Núlananya's life force.

Núlananya is considered the father of the black oaks, both normal and black oak treants.

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