Icelandic Staff

CategoryRods, Staffs, Wands
Typestaff, unique
ForgeIce Mist Pools

The Icelandic Staff is made of pine. This wood came from a Laucentar treant that crossed paths with Foropode. He etched the entirety of it in runes of wind, ice and cold magic. The item always has icicles hanging from it which spread to the arm of its carrier.

The Icelandic Staff has 20 charges, can be recharged, and limited to only those who can cast arcane spells.

Icehewn DR5/fire, cold resistance 20continuous
Cold Potent increases cold spell damage by +1 per diecontinuous
Chill Wind as the Gust of Wind spell and an ice storm1/charge
Maximized Iceball as the Fireball spell(Reflex DC15 + wielder intelligence modifier) but inflicting 70 hit points of cold damage on a failed save, half otherwise2/charges
Foropode's Touch touch attack freezes opponent solid (Fortitude DC20 + wielder intelligence modifier)3/charges