Tiamats Spur

CategoryArtifacts, Swords
ForgeArioch Forge
LocationMonty the Mad

Tiamats Spur is named after its major component, a spur from Tiamat's tail. This spur is one of two that were forcefully taken from her by the demon lord Orcus. One legend says that Orcus brought her within an inch of her life, and as token of the victory, he ripped two spurs from her tail. One of these spurs is in a trophy hall of Naratyr. The other was given to a powerful necromancer named Defilnus. This necromancer, a devoted worshipper of Orcus, used the spur in the forging of Tiamats Spur. The weapon was forged at the Arioch Forge of Shoglomph.

Tiamats Spur is a flamberge, a wavy blade like the flames. It is made from one of the spurs taken from the tail of Tiamat. The hilt is made of demiurgic iron and shaped to look like a serpentine dragon. The tangs hold abyssrocks and the pommel a corrupted angel's tear. This latter item looks like a very large tear drop of sickly black and red coloration.

When Monty the Mad was courting Defilnus, she gifted him Tiamats Spur. It is thought that she did this out of deep love, with no ulterior motives. It seems that she was still cautious though, since she placed a powerful curse on the weapon that would activate if it was ever used against her. Monty's greed for power and respect in the Orchish Empire ended up outweighing his love for Defilnus.

In 1660, Emperor Blac'drugulois approached Monty the Mad with an offer he could not refuse. The Emperor offered him the title Arch-Dragern of the Armies, but with a catch. Monty had to kill the one he loved to prove his loyalty to the emperor. Monty's lover, the power necromancer Defilnus had at her command, a guild chapter of the Rat Swarm. Wererat spies of this guild learned of the deal between Monty and the Emperor not long after his departure from Gháshulg. When Monty returned to Collossapolos, Defilnus was entrenched in her fortress, and little did he know that Defilnus had an underground labyrinth of unimaginable size spanning four levels under Collossapolos. It took a year to finally track her down and carry out the Emperor's bidding. When Monty carried out the task of killing Defilnus, a curse activated. The weapon that was enchanted by Defilnus and given to her former lover teleported away. The curse was such that Monty could feel its presence nearby but could never himself find it. He felt the blade's calling everywhere in Collossapolos so he knew the search had to be in the city proper or beneath.

For two centuries, Monty had his soldiers routinely search homes of Collossapolos, dig new tunnels and explore the subterranean levels under the city. This led to the expansion in the size of the this underground labyrinth and to the creation of more levels in what has become known as the The Twelve Tiers.

In 1801, Tiamats Spur was found by Crimson Eye, Inc. and turned over to Monty the Mad.

Tiamats Spur is a +10 dread, mighty cleaving, keen great sword. It is of such great power that it would be a worthy weapon to any god's weapon rack. In the three decades that Monty has had it, there have been 12 attempts at taking it. These have been thefts, assassination attempts, and large scale assaults. The weapon was lost once when Monty was disarmed, whereupon an invisible mage got a hold of it and teleported away. Monty found his way to the weapon from telepathic signals sent from the blade, spared the mage, and then took him on as head of Fograth's military intelligence.

Queen's Edge keen property continuous
Orcus's Blessing dread property with lawful outsiders the designated foe continuous
Dragon Sweep mighty cleaving property continuous
Arioch Tempered as Unholy Word spell at wielder level + 102/day
Defilnus's Rain as Horrid Wilting spell at wielder level + 102/day