Cathedral of the Triumvirate
RegionLands of Purity
OwnerDivine Empire
Built4 Brighstar 1583

Krumisbar is a massive fortress guarding the northern approach to Rumakarrûs. The fortress is the headquarters of the legendary knightly order, Divine Wreaths.

At the heart of the fortress is the Cathedral of the Triumvirate. This grand building has 300' marble spires and sits on a hill overlooking the sprawling city of Rumakarrûs. The cathedral was built to honor the three allied groups of the Buruthran War (1824 - 1829 ), the Divine Wreaths, the soldiers of Gudyazas, and those of Nordern.

The religious fervor required to seize the minds of large populations requires the most crafty and charismatic priests. Stretch the truth for the good of the people, embolden the masses with the courage of a Solar and the might of a Gold Dragon, seize the hearts and minds with fanaticism!

- Toadin, High Priest of Krumisbar, "Traits of the War Priest"

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