Cathandril Gudyazas

Saint Cathandril
RegionLands of Purity
Class13th priest / 10th divine crusader
TitleSaint of the Divine Empire
Alignmentlawful good
Born19 Lunar 1797

Cathandril was a daughter of the Gudyazas; a family known for its religious fanaticism. For a decade, Cathandril battled the marsh-people answering to the medusa court of Ningizzida.

In the Buruthran War (1824 - 1829), she led the armies of the Luran Alliance. Mortally wounded twice, she miraculously recovered. In the Battle of Qijerqul, she personally defeated Arhibess, war leader of the Witch Horde.

After the Buruthran War, Cathandril led the effort of uniting the northern holds of the Lands of Purity. Named the Divine Empire, Cathandril became its first ruler. Seven days after this empire's founding, Cathandril was given Athena's boon, becoming a saint.