RegionZythess, Neme'tzor

Around 950 HE, a Drachlaz Lord named Kezgihr came to Hezmort. He set the groundwork for the first blood cult outside of Karterus. Over the next six centuries, the blood cult Hlotho Zîn expanded in size, meaning more vampires, and opened more chapters. The vampire's preying on and taking control of some populations resulted in the decline of their moral fiber. By the 15th century of the Horgon Era their overfeeding and turning of others into vampires resulted in a general decline of the area's populations. In some areas, populations were wiped out completely. This then led to vampires preying on animals, each other, or migration to areas with more game. Most of the blood-starved vampires ended up going north. This trek was not to be taken lightly, because it required crossing the bleak sands of Barba'gom. Many of those that have tried to cross this scorching desert have ended up as bleached bones soon lost to the sand. Most of the vampires of what became known as The Hunger, perished in the crossing - lost in sand storms, buried under tons of sand, or caught out in the Holy Rays of Merioss and reduced to ash. The stronger and more cunning of them used ingenious ways to make the crossing, including wagons of prisoners that they could feed upon during the long crossing. Those without the resources for such luxury would by daybreak burrow into the sand or use some cave to wait out the light. Barba'gom became the grave of many vampires, but those that made it across found sustenance among the Gimrune. This started a period of history called the Feeding of Kezgihr.

Today, the greatest danger of the desert, outside of its inhospitable conditions, are buried vampires. The next sandstorm could very well uncover one, releasing a blood-starved vampire that is completely feral in its actions. Brutal dryness, stifling heat, and sandstorms make this desert a place with very little life.

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