Blood Fisher

Locationsouthern Brucrumus, very rare elsewhere

The first Blood Fishers were made by the Hlotho Zîn. At the Battle of Breached Pass, these tridents were used by a squad of Hlotho Zîn mercenaries fighting alongside the Black Tide. They used these blood sucking weapons in situations where they had to fight alongside other troops and did not want to reveal themselves as a vampire - such as by being seen biting an enemy.

Blood Fishers store the blood from those wounded by it. This blood can be consumed entirely later or function as a slow regeneration. For vampires, their natural regeneration is all they need, so this regenerative effect was probably put on them to mask their true purpose of harvesting blood.

Blood Fishers can be of any enchantment. Those used at the Battle of Breached Pass were rushed into service so most had only a +1 enchantment. One of the more secretive powers of these weapons is the Hidden Purpose. This was put on the weapons by the Hlotho Zîn leadership so that their users could gather better intelligence.

Blood Harvesterevery 5 hits points of damage scored results in 1 hit point regeneration or temporary hit points that last for 1 hour. In lieu of using regeneration the blood can be stored and drawn out later by sucking on the trident's prongs - this latter mode is the preferred method for vampire ownerscontinuous
Hidden Purpose+5 to Gather Informationcontinuous
Great Fortitudeas Great Fortitude feat, effects are cumulative if the wielder already has the featcontinuous