Aglak Rampart

RegionLands of Purity
Built25 Bloom 1936 DE

Built in the Age of Creation, a time when primordials and future gods battled across the universe, this earthen berm was a necessary containment measure for water and other matter leaking into this world from another. This leak, still around today, is the Radullu Creep. In the Adellum Sector, a huge earthen embankment was built to keep the creep flowing in the direction of the Tara-Har Depression. Built with a lot of Covenant magic and help from hundreds of rogue earth elementals, for thousands of years it stood the test of time, weathering to look like a series of tightly linked hills joining with those further east.

In the Second Epoch, the Ningizzida Empire sought to cause havoc in their neighbor's land. Again using a lot of magic, but this time the labor of thousands of slaves, they created a channel through what their foes called the Aglak Rampart. This channel created the Nithiach River, flooding their rival's, the Farinteens, farmlands and fortifications. A decade later, this river had carved a path all the way to the Pearl Sea. In the end, Ningizzida's effort to block Farinteen's northern expansion failed. On their side the Farinteens went on to channel the river's flow to farmlands, giving rise to a boon of game along the river's banks, and most beneficial of all, eventually turning Phanax into a great commercial port.