Mîn-Mazan is a long valley near the center of Narbuzad. It is flanked in the east by the Khazandulud peaks and west by the Mir-Khazandulud mountains. The valley begins on the north axis and then cuts east at the lonely spire Zigil. The valley ends in name at the southern tip of the desert Gandal. Thereafter begins the Birakthal valley.

In the First Epoch refugees of the fallen empire Malad-Mîn came to this area and re-started their civilization. The refugees of Malad-Mîn went on to form the Great Kingdom of Phlehorn. In the First Epoch, this empire pacified the valley and went on to become the only civilized power of the Clans region. The ruins of this once great empire are scattered across the valley and into the lower highlands around it. Today, Mîn-Mazan holds the spectres of a fallen empire making the area highly dangerous to travel. The area has ghosts, spirits, and other undead, and monsters roaming freely and in such force that nobody has successfully laid claim of the area since the glory days of the Phlehorn.

Many of the spirits of the area are tormented ghosts of Phaluth. Most of them are insane with madness and kill just for the sake of doing it. The high number of undead in the area have come about from the practice of necromancy. This goes on unabated with the area deemed too dangerous to impose law by the area's three major powers, the cities Tallsard, Harworb, and Irakgunbil.