Mîn-Mazan is a long valley flanked by the peaks of Khazandulud to the east, and the Mir-Khazandulud mountains to the west. In the First Epoch, refugees of the fallen empire Malad-Mîn (507 HE - 86) resettled here. Becoming the Kingdom of Phlehorn (92 - 1080), they began the civilizing of the Clans region.

Today, the valley's upper tracts are littered with the ruins of Phlehorn. A wild place, they are haunted by ghosts, spirits, and other undead, and monsters roaming freely and in such force that nobody has successfully laid claim of the area since Phlehorn's glory days. Many of the area's spirits are tormented ghosts out of the ruins of Phaluth. Most insane, they kill just for sport.

The lower half of Mîn-Mazan, guarded by a ring of towers, are the many farmlands of the Hjalmarbrodd.

Notable Areas