Class20th psion / 30th rogue
RaceDemon (babau)
TitleEye of Orcus
Alignmentchaotic evil

Xuodohn, like other demons spawned in the Abyss, began as a lowly manes. Stealthy and cunning, he progressed along the path of the babau. He battled the primordials in the Abyssal Release then the Covenant in the Demon Spawn War.

In the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE), he was a free agent, working for Tiamat. A master infiltrator, trained in the psionic principles of reading other's minds, his most well-known mission was against Bahamut; Tiamat's rival in the First Dragon Wake.

After getting close to the platinum beauty, a creature that could shred me with but a swipe, I began the probe. Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard. Bahamut thoughts were on the Dragon Wake Ritual, nervousness over what he had called forth. This nervousness created a gap, a way to get the knowledge of this ritual.

The connection to the target was broken. Bahamut was aware that something was amiss, but not sure what. I took his intake of air as my cue to exit. Turning to smoke, I drifted up a chimney. Once beyond the area's ward of travel impenetrability, I teleported to Tiamat's headquarters at Suldaan Mithil.

- Xuodohn, client mission report - "Probing Bahamut"

The knowledge of the Dragon Wake Ritual was turned over to Tiamat. Since that time, Tiamat has passed on this knowledge to her most loyal mortal agents.

Xuodohn currently serves under the demon lord Orcus.