Draugluin Decay

RegionDraugluin, Castamion
Periodevery 20 to 30 years

The region of Draugluin goes through periods of great decay and renewal. Occurring every twenty to thirty years, the Draugluin Decay is a time when dark nature seeps in, slowly killing off all plant-life. During this Draugluin Decay, nature energy is pushed down into Castamion, the subterranean region beneath Draugluin. This lasts for about a decade, turning the Draugluin Region into a dead zone, a harsh time for the land and its denizens. This then reverses, with nature energy flooding in, beginning a rapid renewal, creating a verdant land of great abundance, a period called the Draugluin Renewal.

Both the decay and renewal, unnatural processes, are a product of Kriav's Cube Collapse of 1301 DE.