Orulûn Divison

CategoryCrack Units
RegionIce Cap
Symbolfour arrows

The Orulûn Divison was built-up and led by the angel general Niruš. In the Demon Spawn War, she was sent to the eastern sector Ice Cap to harry Baphomet's marauding demons. In the Aettein sector she found goblins scattered all over the place living in fear. Following Asmodeus's orders, she set-about rallying these pitiful folk and if anything delay Baphomet's advance until stronger forces could be sent. She carried out these orders beyond all expectations, forming the legendary Orulûn Divison, which would go on to leave a tradition of light infantry tactics among the goblins of Nemebhox.

The tactics of the unit following light infantry principles like ambush, sniping, guerrilla warfare, reconnaissance, and rapid movement. In five years, the unit came to be highly respected for their skill and much feared by Baphomet's lesser demons. When the demons captured soldiers of the Orulûn Divison they would carry them back to the Abyss and put them into vats of ichor and abyssal energy. The result of one of these experiments was the creation of the first Arrow Demon.

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